Omay was born and raised in England. From a young age he loved to explore his surroundings, capturing and embracing the movements of the world around him. Even today, he is still hidden away exploring with tones, textures and spaces - always with his 35mm in hand.

In describing his photography he carries a carefully selected collection of words, each having a profound influence in this work.

  • Concealed 
  • Tangible
  • Subtleties
  • Imperfections
  • Isolation 
  • Intimacy
  • Atmospheric
  • Discreet 


Omay resides and works in London, although travels often to Paris.



" I see myself somehow disconnected with the world ( like a sheet of frozen glass placed in front of me, leaving me hidden behind it's reflection ) Finally through many years I feel that It's only become possible through my photography that i may reconnect with the world.

while these reflections will always be around me. I have come to except them in my life and has become a means of me to express myself. I use this disconnection and have learn to translate this into my work allowing me to develop my understanding of the world and myself "

                                                          - omay goksu


  • UK +44(0)780 224 1984